When I was fourteen I crushed my vertebra in a skateboard accident.  I was very fortunate because it was my sixth vertebra and not my fifth which could have caused me to be paralyzed in some form.  I had to lay flat on my back for several days while a brace was built for me.  It was one of the most difficult seasons for me for so many reasons.  Being alone in a hospital laying on my back and wondering if I would ever be normal again.  Once I received the brace, I was still regulated with what I could do.  No activities at all and I still had to sleep flat on my back for those three months I wore the brace.  The accident occurred just as summer was beginning so as all my friends were out playing and swimming I could only sit there and watch.  I also got strange stares from people at the mall and people just seemed to treat me like I had a contagious disease.  I really felt alone.

Just Because We Feel Alone Doesn’t Mean We Are Alone

It’s helpful to know that just because we feel alone doesn’t mean we are alone.  I am in another one of those alone seasons.  More difficult than any I’ve faced in my life because of the unique surroundings that have come with it.  Last year, I took on a new opportunity, which moved me to a new city and away from family, but also away from my corporate connections, but the opportunity made the move worth it.  Well, a few months into this amazing opportunity and the company decided to go a new direction.  When I walked into the office that day people were all standing around and many were crying.  I quickly discovered they were downsizing in a big way, with entire departments being eliminated.  I just knew they wouldn’t have brought me here to do this to me.  Right?  Wrong!

There are Times in Our Lives When God Doesn’t Make Sense

There are times in our lives when God just doesn’t make sense, but just because we don’t understand, doesn’t mean he has left us or that we have done something wrong.  All of this occurred during this year where we had committed to living a life of thanksgiving every single day.  I remember, I had just written a post on being joyful and now I would find out if I could be joyful when I didn’t have a plan for my future.  There have been moments in this season when I have felt alone, but God has continued to show me that I am not alone, and there have been times when I have thought you are in a new city, no one knows you here and no one cares about you here.  No one will give you an opportunity.  These are the lies the enemy loves to shout at us.  The question is who will we believe?

Giving Thanks Breaks My Introspective Nature and Expands My Vision

So, if you’re in a season where you feel alone let me encourage you.  You are not alone!  Each day when I open my eyes I give God thanks.  Not because my life is where I want it to be, but because I know living a life of thankfulness breaks me of my own introspective nature and forces me to expand my vision.  I surrender my thoughts and feelings to the one who can change it all and then I remember that He has never failed me in my past, therefore, there is a great miracle coming in my future.  I can say the same for you.  Let your expectations make room for Gods amazing rearrangements.  He is transforming us into something new, let him finish before you say too much.  Stay hopeful, I know we will be much better!

Don’t Let What You Feel Own Who You Are

King David said it best, I was young and now am old and I have never seen the righteous forsaken.  We are not alone, don’t let what you feel own who you are, because it may block you from receiving your greatest gift.