I have had the privilege of talking to a lot of people over many years about what they love to do, what they feel gifted to do.  What they are passionate to do.  Let me be clear, what someone may feel passionate about may not be what they are actually doing.  In fact, I’d say the majority of people I’ve talked to are not doing what they are passionate about, I will take it further and say that I kept finding a similar pattern with those I’ve talked to.  Somehow, they would feel disqualified or unable to do what they believed was the thing they loved most.

The Rookie

I was recently watching the movie “The Rookie” again.  It’s the story of a boy turned man who never fulfills his dream of playing in the big leagues (baseball).  There was always some kind of obstacle that kept preventing him from his desired destiny.  His dad was military, so they kept moving and it affected his ability to play.  Their final move placed them in a city with very little baseball opportunities.  He did finally get to play in college, but got hurt and had surgery on his arm.  He finally gave up and accepted it was not to be.  But, he never stopped practicing throwing.  He would throw for hours all alone in a deserted field.

As an adult, he was a school teacher and coach and it became clear to others (his team) that he had the gift to play in the majors, but he didn’t believe it.  Even though they kept telling him, because he had given up, he couldn’t see that during his season of downtime his body and gift matured into the top 1%.  What was interesting was he was carrying a grudge against his father and life for ruining his chance at his dream.  Through a stroke of genius and luck his team got him to commit to going to a tryout where he learned his pitching was now better than it had ever been before, and before long he was playing in the big leagues.

A Dark Blueprint to Stop You

So, why is this story important?  Because it holds a blueprint I have seen the enemy use to stop good people from fulfilling their purpose.  I have watched many people deal with this in their lives.  God puts a dream within us, but then the enemy attempts to create events to discredit the dream.  Remember Joseph, all of a sudden, he was sold into slavery.  Remember Moses, he struggled with his qualifications.  Remember David, they tried killing him, remember Peter, he denied Jesus.  Remember Paul, he murdered the people he was called to lead.   I can go on and on.

When I have talked to people about the details of their lives I have uncovered amazing details of what seemed to be carefully orchestrated events to destroy their belief in themselves and what they can do.  Oftentimes they would still carry the after effects of the trauma or a chip on their shoulder for the injustice done to them and when you try to help them see the possibilities they no longer believe it’s possible.

Authority is Gained by What You Overcome

I have been asked many times why does God allow it to happen if he wants me to excel in this area?  One answer is your authority grows proportionately over that which you have overcome.  Jesus has all authority, why?  Because He has overcome death and the grave.  Joseph became the leader of all Egypt, why? Because he had overcome his slavery.  Moses became Israel’s deliverer why? Because he had overcome his disqualifications.  Shall I continue?

Your battles are not meant to stop you they are meant to elevate you!  Your dreams are the seed to move you into your destiny, if you stop its on you, if you give up then you’ll never fulfill the things you were meant to do, but if you believe, God will use every obstacle to push you into your purpose.  Your dreams are fueling your future!