I was reading a study today that said teenage drug overdose deaths went up 19% last year.  In one year, that’s a lot of young people that were in overwhelming situations. You are probably in some kind of challenge in your life, right?  It may be family, financial or even sickness.  Maybe a big project at work, but something that requires you to take a deep breath and ask yourself if you have what it takes to overcome this obstacle.  You may even feel overwhelmed by it.  Overwhelmed is when we can’t see how we can possibly succeed.

God Silently Builds Within Us The Tools We Need to Succeed

It may be difficult to see right now, but you were prepared for this moment.  All the tools needed to come out a real winner are in you.  Do you remember the movie Karate Kid.  This boy was in a fight for his life, he moved to a new city and had no friends, then he was getting beat down regularly by some other kids.  He is offered the opportunity to learn karate, but when he arrives for his first lesson he is told to wax the car.  Wax on, wax off.  The next day when he comes he is told to paint the fence.  Now, he is really angry and frustrated and thought he had been taken advantage of once again.  What he didn’t realize is while he was waxing the car and painting the fence he was building the foundational elements he needed for winning his battle.

Each Challenge You Face Is Another Foundational Stone

God has a way of building the elements we need to succeed in our quests through our every day lives and the challenges we face.  Remember, when David saw Goliath he remembered the lions and bears he had killed while shepherding his sheep.  He had no idea that protecting his flocks was preparing him for leading the entire nation.  Each challenge was a foundational stone building the tools, experience and knowledge that made him the greatest king Israel ever had.

Your Situations Are Preparing You for Historic Opportunities

I can say the exact same thing about you!  God has been at work in you.  He has placed you in extreme conditions and challenged you with perplexing situations.  You have wondered, why has this happened?  Or what am I getting out of working here?  Yet, God is preparing you for your own place in history to be a world changer and a history maker.  While you have slept He has been at work giving you exactly what you need for every situation you face.  There is brilliance in you, excellence and amazing ideas within you and though you may not see them they are there.

You Can Only Export What God Has Imported In You

Don’t you for one second take yourself lightly, don’t you for one second think about giving up.  You may have an obstacle that seems unsurmountable, but you CAN conquer this, you WILL conquer this.  There is no weapon formed against you that will prosper.  Stand in faith and look to God to pull out what he has put in to you.  You can only export out what God has first imported into you.  So, be encouraged and keep moving forward, you were prepared for this moment!