The story of King David parallels our lives in so many ways.  As a young man, the prophet shows up at his door step to announce that God wanted to make him the king.  Can you for one moment even fathom what that may have felt like?  He was a nobody, no fame to claim and no one in his family was famous.  He was a shepherd, the worst job in the nation.  But, God gives him a dream of being king and he is anointed and sent on his way.  There was no plan given for how he would take this position.  No trumpet or fanfare, just a private ceremony that was concealed.  Ceremony ended and the prophet left with no additional instructions and oh yeah, one more thing, there were no vacancies for king at that time.  King Saul was well established and not looking to give up power any time soon.

Here Comes Trouble

Things began to come together not too long after as David kills Goliath, he is probably thinking this is how God was going to do it.  This only makes the king hate David and become suspicious of him.  Now his so-called plan is no longer concealed.  Saul then tries to kill David and David has to escape to save his life.  He spends the next thirteen plus years running for his life.  What have you been doing for the past thirteen years?  Think about how it would have felt if you had been running for your life that entire time.  David left alone, then his family joins him most likely because the king would have killed them too.  But, something else begins to happen, slowly at first but then picks up progress.  People began to join him, for the most part they were bad people, but together they begin to build something.

Don’t Despise Small Beginnings

While David spent those thirteen years running for his life he also was building a small army of trusted warriors, friends and family.  He took time to train them in his values and his ways.  They learned to fight together, they learned how to survive.  David grew in authority and those around him grew to love him and support him.  The more he ran the greater his fame grew and the more others began to come and join him.  King Saul became a joke to those around the nation because he couldn’t catch this small band of warriors and this proved how valuable and wise David had become.  Those thirteen years taught him how to govern, lead and judge and it also taught him how to think bigger than he had ever had to think before.

So, what are you running from today?  What is the great obstacle you are trying to avoid?  Or who is chasing you?  Are you spending nights and early mornings praying for God to take this away?  Are you binding those spirits and loosing those blessings God has promised?  Maybe you’re asking God why He is allowing this in your life.  Sickness?  Job loss?  Financial needs?  Challenging teenager?  Wayward spouse?  Hurricane?  Earthquake?  Fires?  Death?  All of these and more can cloud our lives with a sense of a need to run.

God Makes Us Run for What We Want

David’s life stands as a witness that even when the worst we could ever possibly imagine happens to us it can in reality be the very thing we need to get us to our destiny.  God always gives us what we need and many times He gives us what we are asking for even when we really don’t want what we get.  The goal is always to bring us to our purpose and to get us to ask for what He wants.  When David was running for his life I’m sure he had no idea he was running towards the fulfilling of that promise.  That little band became his mighty army that went on to do exploits that had never been seen or done before.  When God puts us in a place where we have to run for our lives we are running towards our future not from it.

Regardless of what your situation looks like, tomorrow morning when you wake up, brush your teeth, take your shower, put on your clothes, drop to your knees in prayer and then get up and put on the best pair of running shoes you can find, because if God is in it, you’ll be running for your life!