If you could only do one thing what would it be?  Travel to some exotic far off place?  Meet a famous person or some great historic figure?  Maybe your one thing is to become famous yourself.  To become a great singer or sought after actor or maybe an amazing musician?  How about those whose one thing is to become a history making scientist.  You know, the kind that finds a cure for some debilitating or demoralizing disease?  Or maybe the kind of scientist that designs rockets so people can travel in space or find an answer to time travel?  Maybe your one thing is to change humanity in some way.  Something worthy of the Nobel Peace prize or a way to cure hunger or the solution to world peace?  What do you dream about when you are considering your one thing?  What are you living and breathing to do?  Whatever you spend your time doing is probably an indication of what your one thing is all about.

King David Had A Secret Desire

King David once shared the one thing that drove his passion and had the focal point of his attention.  He was a mighty warrior and an incredible musician and is known for establishing the precedent for the church being worshiping warriors.  Here is David’s secret prayer and personal life goal found in Psalms 27:4:

LORD, the thing I seek most is to live in the house of the LORD all the days of my life,
delighting in the LORD’s beautiful perfections and meditating in his temple.

Wow, David made it his goal to live in God’s presence now and to admire and delight in his beauty while he was alive.  It’s an amazing statement because I believe most would say this is what they are looking to do after this life is over.  David sets a new precedent for what we can achieve right now.  He is not saying that we cannot desire to achieve great things in our lives, but what he is saying is that in comparison to establishing this other priority first we probably won’t ever really experience the joy and clarity of vision without first establishing what should stand above all else.

There is Much More For Us to Discover About God

David tells us that we can seek to know God at this time right now in our lives in such a way that being in his presence would trump anywhere else we may want to go.  That leaving that place would be like pulling metal from a magnet.  He doesn’t stop there, but he goes on to say that we can also find incredible joy meditating and looking at His beauty.  The other verses goes on to say what God will do to protect and cover those who do, and the kind of relationship that exists as a result.

I’m just saying there is so much more to receive than many of us have been told and our in a hurry lifestyle can keep us from finding the real treasure that is waiting to be discovered.  Salvation is not the end, its the beginning of the pursuit.

What is Your One Thing?

Today I would like to encourage you to re-consider your one thing.  You know that one thing that keeps you motivated and gnaws at you to give it attention.  Maybe it would help you to let that thing go in trade for the one thing Jesus said is worth buying the whole field.  I am thankful today that we can buy the field and the treasure there cannot be compared with anything else in this life.  It’s the one thing that will not leave us looking for something else.