What do you see when you look at the picture?  This optical illusion (link to some great optical illusions) gives the impression something is moving even when its not.  We are continuing to look through the lens of our perspective this week as it relates to God’s view of our situations.  If you didn’t read last weeks post you may want to start there first.  Here it is.  This week, let’s ask ourselves the question how do we think God feels about us?  I know, you are probably already quoting scripture or some sermon straight from your head.  The real question is what is in your heart?

They Forgot the Fish

In Mark 8:15 Jesus says, “Watch out! Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and Herod.”  The disciples start looking at each other in a spirit of accusation and blame because they realize they have forgotten to bring food with them.  Before long they are in a heated argument with one another over whose fault it is.  Jesus stops them before punches take form and says, Really!?  One of the few times He is clearly agitated with them for not understanding.  I’m talking about deception and you think I’m mad at you for forgetting fish and bread when I just multiplied thousands of fish and bread.  What is wrong with you?  It was perception.

Our Perception Shapes Our Perspective

So, how is it that we can be moving through life and then have a bad event.  Loss of a job, death of a family member, accident, financial crisis and our first thought is what have I done wrong?  Perception.  We have an illusion that good times means I am good with God and bad things means God is punishing me.  Stop for a second and think about people you know who have chosen to live a crooked life and yet they prosper like nobody’s business.  Our perception of God shapes the perspective we live from and nothing brings it to the front like a bad event.  Life brings trials, don’t let an illusion fool you.  I’m not saying that our bad decisions or choices won’t bring negative events into our lives but, what I am saying is God methods to grow us is not done by punishing you.

The disciples were stuck in an old mindset that probably was rooted in the belief at that time that God was harsh and distant and looked for opportunities to punish.  It made them feel like they needed to protect themselves and so they all needed to protect their own interest by throwing each other under the bus.  They never really heard what Jesus was trying to communicate because they were too busy feeling insecure about themselves and they missed the real message He was trying to deliver.  How do we do under the same conditions?

When Exposed, Partner With God

I was raised in a fire and brimstone church.  I was taught it is always my fault so, I am an expert at pointing fingers and throwing others in front of the moving train.  I have also missed many great messages the Lord was trying to teach me.  As my perception has changed about God so has my perspective about my situations.  Rather than complain, pout and blame others I am learning to partner with God during times when I feel exposed.  Like the scripture says, when I draw near to God, He draws near to me.  Unlike Israel in the wilderness, I come running to Him to ask Him for His help and then wait to hear what I must do.   Waiting is the hardest part, but I know it’s His way of seeing if I will move out on my own like King Saul did or trust His answer to come in due time.

Illusions Promote Failure But God Multiplies Success

When you don’t have what God is asking for recognize you are probably misunderstanding the question or He is about to give you a much bigger gift.  It’s not a moment to humiliate you for another failure that is an illusion.  He is really wanting to show you how much He loves you by sharing new information or propelling you into a new opportunity.  Don’t Run!  Don’t hide!  Don’t blame!  He is about to multiply the fish in your hand.