Do you remember the original opening to the Twilight Zone?  “There is a 5th dimension.  Beyond that which is known to man.  It’s a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.  It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition and lies between the pits of men’s fears and the summit of his knowledge.  This is the dimension of imagination.  It’s an area which we call the Twilight Zone.”  Then the creepy music follows as you prepare to be introduced to some poor soul who is about to have his life altered in some unimaginable way.  I loved that show!

The Test To Determine How Far One Will Go

John 6 takes two disciples on a similar adventure.  The goal was to find out just how far they would go and also how far you will go!  Let me set the scene.  Imagine me saying this in my Rod Serling voice.  Imagine two men, both recently acquainted with the son of God.  Both are hoping to establish themselves as trusted disciples.  One will be exposed for believing in himself, the other for not going as far as he could because they have both stepped into a new zone.

Jesus sits on a hill with his disciples all sitting around him, he turns to Phillip and says where can we buy bread to feed all these people?  It then says that Jesus was testing him because he already knew what he was going to do.  Phillip immediately puts on his business hat and starts calculating.  Let’s see, 3000 families at $3.00 per family that means we need around $15,000.  Based on the twelve of us we could produce maybe a few hundred dollars a day.  He starts scratching his head.  Well, if we sell a few things maybe we can get the cost down and well maybe if we can get a deal for buying in bulk.  Finally, he looks up and says even if we work for months we won’t have enough money.  Don’t laugh, how many of you are in a similar situation right now where you need money and you are scamming in your mind about how to get it?

Taking A Risk Can Be Better Than Saying The Right Things

Next Andrew speaks up.  Andrew is always introduced as Peter’s brother.  How many times does this poor guy need to be retold that he’s Peters brother.  Especially when Andrew was first a disciple of John and began following Jesus after John told him he was the Messiah.  Andrew introduced Peter to Jesus and then forever became his brother.  Are you feeling his pain?  Andrew is almost always shown as saying the right thing and doing the right thing unlike his brother, but he may be missing one thing that keeps him from going as far as he could go.  Andrew says, there is a young boy here with five loaves of bread and two fish.  Okay, stop for a moment.  There is no way Andrew even brings this up unless he really believes it’s helpful.  If you were sitting with over 10,000 people and you were looking to feed them all would you think about five loaves of bread and two fish.  Andrew did!

The problem was he was afraid of being presumptuous, so he adds, what good is that with such a huge crowd.  His brother Peter is the king of being presumptuous and it got him everywhere with Jesus.  Andrew is afraid so he makes the suggestion and then backs off of it a bit so he doesn’t sound like he’s trying to tell Jesus what to do.  It’s exactly what Jesus wanted to do and he went on to feed everyone with those five loaves and two fish.  So, now allow me to tie this story together with the Twilight Zone.

See The Impossible Is Possible

Remember the opening, there is another dimension beyond what man knows.  Between science and superstition, fear and knowledge, a dimension of imagination.  God has created you with a unique mind and body.  There is brilliance in you and an opportunity to create the next best thing.  History shows that people filled with God’s power have invented amazing things and come up with incredible ideas.  Jesus tested his disciples to see if they would use the creativity that he was displaying in front of them every day or would they just stay within the limitations of their own fears and doubts.  Phillip couldn’t see beyond what was logical and reasonable.  Andrew saw the impossible was possible and its what Jesus used. I believe if Andrew would have come up with something else Jesus would have used that instead.  He simply was choosing to go as far as Andrew could see.

Friend, how clear is your vision and how big is your faith?  You will only go as far as you believe and if you don’t think its possible then be unto you according to your faith.  When you take the limits off there is nothing to hard for God to do through you and in you.  How far can you go?