David Decides God Needs A Home

There is an amazing story in 2 Samuel 7, allow me to unpack it.  King David has a season of peace because he had beaten most of his enemies.  He is in his palace when it dawns on him that the Ark of God was in a tent.  Remember, the Ark was were God dwelt at that time.  He decides to build him a permanent dwelling.  He calls the prophet and tells him his plan, but when the prophet goes home God tells him to go back and tell David several things.  They are really important so stay with me.

First, God explains that he had been content to live in a tent and never has complained or asked for more.  Second, David was a nobody from nowhere and God has made him more famous than anyone on the earth.  He promises to keep Israel safe and then promises David that his kingdom will last forever.  He will have a lasting dynasty of kings from his family.  Last, it would be David’s son who will build the house for God not David.

God is Content to Live in Simplicity

At this point King David had a beautiful palace and royal robes, but the God of the universe was content to live in a tent.  The implications behind this are staggering.  God humbles himself to dwell in such simplicity and never complains or questions the motives of the leaders throughout the hundreds of years.  He sets an example for our own behavior by being thankfulness even when it was far beneath the glory due him.  How many of us cannot be thankful and content with our surroundings?  There is so much more here I am sorry I don’t have more time to spend.

God Reminds David How He Can Change Our Circumstances

Next, he reminds David of the impossible path he has taken from shepherd to king.  The world now knows Davids name and he promises him a lasting dynasty.  We now live thousands of years in the future.  We have the full story of how God did this.  Jesus who was in David’s lineage has become our eternal king and has flipped the script for all time.  All David had was a promise that God would do it, but we now know the full story and can testify that God fulfilled every word.

If God Does This for David He Can Do It for You

So, what is your story?  If God did this for David, he can do it for you!  Knowing what we know and seeing what God has done, how can we ever doubt him.  How can we ever say to him it is too hard or my life is unfixable?  To doubt God and his promises is the greatest slap to his face when he has shown us his faithfulness and incredible ability to change history and the future to his own purposes.

Do it Again!

David sits before the Lord in this chapter and prays a prayer of thankfulness.  He only had half of the story and yet he was already overwhelmed and amazed by God.  When I sat before the Lord this week and recognized all God has done and how he has changed the course of my life I was filled with faith because I know if he did it for David he is doing it for me.  I only know half of my story, but I can rest in David’s story and all the others in scripture that he will complete every promise.  To this I can boldly say, and I hope you can join in with me as I say, do it again Lord, I thank you for doing it for me!