A Desire To Help People

For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed helping people.  When I was a boy in elementary school my teacher contacted my mother and told her to tell me to stop counseling people at school.  I didn’t know that was what I was doing, but I loved to listen to the things that challenged others and find ways to help them.

My real journey began in 1989 when I started a church in Southern California.  It wasn’t long before I began to notice the people that began attending our church were from a very different background.  These people were coming to me for help because they had faced many of life’s challenges and they were trying to get a new start.  I realized that the only way to help them was to begin to provide training on leadership principles.  Regardless of where they had come from or what they had done if they conducted themselves as leaders they would be respected and given every opportunity to succeed.  That is exactly what happened for those who took the time to attend our training sessions.

I have dedicated my life to doing what I know I do best, equipping others to fulfill their purpose and live amazing lives! 

I started by making a trip to Haiti and then we began making regular trips to Mexico to help people in need.  We had people in our church who had family and friends in Mexico and we began to help with food and clothes.  We visited a prison to speak to inmates and encourage them on living their lives with purpose.  I was then invited to Africa and that changed my life.  I found people there to be wonderful, hardworking with a desire to succeed.  I now travel regularly to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda helping tribal leaders, pastors and business leaders learn the value of living an inspired life.

How I Make A Difference

Hope For You International is a non-profit organization my wife and I started in 2006 to help children and women around the world.  We have an ongoing effort in Kenya and Uganda to support their ongoing needs.  We help support the daily needs of widows and children devastated by the affect of the AIDS epidemic in the region.  Hope For You sends resources for housing and food, provides medical care and brings clothes and shoes for children.  We have also traveled to Cambodia to partner with ministries in the region to help girls affected by the sex trade industry.
Thankful 2Day is a daily encouragement website that teaches people to love each other and God by choosing to live each day with a thankful heart.  Relationships are the foundational element that drives contentment and satisfaction in our lives and we strive to help people connect with those around them by sharing a daily word and providing a resource for engaging in positive communication.
G-Talk with Terance & AuDera is a weekly podcast I do with my wife to discuss numerous topics about marriage, relationship challenges and how to live a life of togetherness and purpose.  We cover five areas: marriage and communication, family and relationships, how to form community, finding your purpose and spiritual development.  You can find us in iTunes or Google Play.